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Envelope Restoration

Let us repair and restore!

Envelope Restorations That Work!

If you have any concerns about the health or integrity of any of your building’s envelope components, Elevated Contracting Solutions is here to help. We employ a team of qualified experts to assess, evaluate, and repair any structural issues to keep your building safe and secure. With our wide array of envelope restoration services, you are sure to find the fix that you are looking for. We will perform all necessary inspections and draw up plans to repair any of the ailments that are currently affecting your building. If you simply need small repairs or if you need an entire upgrade of your building, we have your answer.

Rot Repair

Our experts will look for any rot that may have occurred over the years, and once it is spotted they will evaluate the best course of action to get it repaired. Whether it can simply be renovated or if it needs to be completely restored, we will take care of any nasty rot problems.


Whether you need your entire building enveloped redone or if you need spot services applied, we will be able to help. Our engineers will determine exactly how much needs to be done to repair your structure and will consult with you to determine the method and price of the service.

Building Maintenance

We will provide ongoing repair and maintenance for buildings that require it. Older buildings often need constant attention and updating, so we will take on that burden to make your life easier.


Our state of the art rainscreen systems are the perfect match for any building that needs protection from moisture and other weather hazards. Expertly engineered and professionally installed, our system will ensure that your building envelope remains clean, dry, and in good health.


Our protective sidings are not only highly functional but also come in a variety of decorative styles so that your building can benefit from a strong envelope while looking great.

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