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Home Renovation

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Entire Home Renovations At Great Prices

Perhaps it isn’t just a single room that needs a major update in your home. Maybe you want to renovate your entire house and generate a completely new living experience.  Whether you are just looking for some minor fixes or seeking an entire overhaul of your residence, we have the perfect solution for you.

All you have to do is give us basic premise of what you are looking for and we will work diligently to come up with ideas and communicate them to you until you have exactly what you are looking for.

Professional Team

Based on your initial consultation, our experienced designed team will quickly work to conceptualize your new home and will bounce ideas off each other while keeping you in the loop. As you work with them, you will be amazed by their ability to think on their feet and come up with designs that you never thought possible. As you approve these striking concepts, our team will get down to the details and start focusing on colors, shapes, finishes, and accessories.

No Hidden Charges

As we work on concept and design, we will keep your budget in mind. We’ll help set realistic expectations based on your parameters and limits and do our best to give you the best home that you can afford. Included in our considerations are energy and heating, so we will design a home that utilizes these assets most efficiently to keep your bills low in the future. We will offer a final price that has been agreed on and will guarantee that there will be no hidden fees or unwanted upgrades. Any additional costs will be at your discretion.

Let’s Get Started

Once the concepts and budget are agreed upon, we will obtain the necessary permits for building and arrange any inspections that need to be performed. Once these tasks are completed, we will break ground and begin the first round of renovations. Within days you will know that you made a good decision by going with Elevated Contracting Solutions. As the project comes along further, you’ll be full of anticipation waiting for your new house to be finished.